Portfolio Work


CyberSoul was a project based in Processing (Java) that was a group effort for an interactive art installation class.  For this specific project, I was in charge of successfully programming motion tracking by running Kinect data into our Processing sketch.

Spider Remix

Spider Remix was a project I developed over the course of about a month and a half that went through a variety of iterations using different technologies, including Processing, NI Mate, and Supercollider, among others.

Sound in Motion

Sound in Motion is a music visualization I created as the final project for my first coding class in my second year of college.  It was created entirely in JavaScript using the p5 library.  Each circle was created by preloading mp3 files and pulling FFT data from them, then mapping the outputs from different frequency bands to the angles of the arcs drawn.  If you'd like to see the project in full click here.  For a more in depth explanation of the steps taken to create the project, click here.